Making medical research mobile.

Use Teamscope to collect data for clinical studies, even when you are offline or in remote areas.

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Medical data collection made easy.

1. Build your study

Design your clinical trials or studies with Teamscope’s intuitive interface, launch your clinical research with no training required and say goodbye to old data collection platforms.

Screenshot of the different field types you can add to your form: Age (Number), Gender (Single Choice), Weight (Number), etc.

2. Capture research data

Collect electronic Case Report Forms while you’re offline with our iOS or Android app, create cleaner data with strong field validation and resolve inconsistency issues remotely.

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Logo of Android and direct link to download Android appLogo of iOS and direct link to download iOS app
Screenshot of Teamscope's input validation feature. Fields which do not match validation criteria are marked in red so they can be corrected.

3. Collaborate with your team

Share patient cases with peers easily, track changes to data and boost your teamwork with our mobile notifications.

Screenshot of a mobile notification received on Teamscope which says "Patient requires referral to central hospital"

teamscope Blog

Diego Menchaca
Sep 13, 2018

Today we released a new iOS and Android application, this is a massive product update and we can’t wait for you to start using these new fresh apps in your research. What’s new? Conduct longitudinal studies, New eCRF builder, Stronger field validation, GCP compliance.

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Start building today

Patient registries

Collect data across multiple centers and build powerful patient databases.

Field questionnaires

Eliminate paper forms and collect data even in the harshest terrain.

controlled trials

Build randomization workflows and conduct RCT even when your offline.

Wajir, Kenya

Teamscope provided top of the world customer support. Our search for a reliable data collection tool is over.

Omondi Otieno
Capacities for Health
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Teamscope at a glance.glance


Your data is stored on secure servers and compliant with Good Clinical Practice and HIPAA.

No coding required

Build powerful forms, collect images and GPS coordinates.

Query resolution

Clarify data inconsistencies and quickly resolve errors and mistakes.

Export at any time

Download your data at any moment to various format like .xls and .tsv.

Offline data capture

Work without an internet connection and collect data regardless where you are.

Stay updated

Stay updated with push and email notifications.

Track audit trails

Keep your team fully accountable by tracking all data inputs and edits.

Real-time insights

Get rich insights, export reports and share them with your peers.

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Conduct faster clinical research.
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